Expired: Canon Female Photojournalist Award

Canon Female Photojournalist Award

For the sixteenth year, Canon and Images Evidence will present the Canon Female Photojournalist Award. For the third time, the award is being supported by ELLE Magazine. Entrants are judged on both previous work and plans for a future project. The prize will be presented during the evening show on Saturday, September 3, and the project presented in Perpignan at the 2017 festival.

The Canon Female Photojournalist Award is presented to a female photojournalist in activity who wishes to cover a social, economic, political or cultural subject in a journalistic manner, on presentation of a dossier, including the documents and works stipulated in the rule form. The Award will be given to an individual photojournalist and not to a group, without any consideration of her nationality. The conditions are as follows: – applicants must be female – applicants must have completed at least one photo-reportage (published or unpublished) – applicants must be professional photojournalists – applicants must be able to write and speak in French or English

Awards:- €8000


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