Expired: Design a playful bottle for kids on Design2Gather


Design2Gather is an online crowd source design platform for designers all around the world. The online design studio provides tools to inspire, ideate, interact and link creative thoughts together. For each ‘Designment’ (Design challenge), they are looking for innovative and new ideas. Remember those drink bottles you took to primary school when you were a kid? Design2Gather is looking for an innovative new bottle concept for children to drink from and play with! Can you add value to the drinking experience in a playful and educative way?


Go to www.Design2Gather.com and become a member for free! Check out the ‘Designments’ page and join the designment ‘A playful bottle for kids’. Read the detailed project description, use all the tools in the online design studio to your preference and upload as many ideas as you want in the idea space.

Awards:- 1st 500$ cash and many more rewards

Deadline:- 01-03-2016

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