Expired: Funtastic Front Stage Challenge

Funtastic Front Stage Challenge

Welcome to the HeroX “Refresh The Front Stage Challenge!” Read on to find out how you can win BIG prizes for sharing your GREAT IDEAS!

The contest will be run through HeroX—”an open prize platform that empowers anyone to create breakthroughs in their company, their community, or the world.” HeroX was co-founded by Peter Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, “which has gone on to create an incredible array of incentive prizes to solve the world’s Grand Challenges—ocean health, literacy, space exploration, among many others.”

They do cool things. And so do we.

While our challenge won’t involve space travel, it will require some creativity and ingenuity. Our focus is here on Earth—specifically, on our 33 Fraser Avenue office.

Our challenge to solve is that our office is looking outdated and needs a refresh. Labour Day 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of Coach being on Fraser Ave, so it’s time for a new look! We want to tap into YOUR creativity and innovative spirit to redesign several parts of the office to make it even more amazing for everyone.


First Prize (Choose 1)

1. Free Day with $750 in spa services or lunch and iFly Experiences for 2

2. 11-inch MacBook Air

3. $1,000 cash added to your pay

Second Prize (Choose 1)

1. Free Day with $500 in spa services or lunch and CN Tower Edge Walk for 2

2. 128GB iPad Air 2

3. $750 cash added to your pay

Third Prize (Choose 1)

1. Free PM with lunch and iFly introductory sessions for 2

2. 64GB iPad Mini 4

3. $500 cash added to your pay

Fourth Prize (Choose 1)

1. Free PM with lunch and manicures and pedicures for 2

2. 64GB Apple TV

3. $250 cash added to your pay

Fifth Prize (Choose 1)

1. Flex at 3 p.m. for dinner at the Keg and a movie for 2

2. Apple Pencil for iPad Pro

3. $100 cash added to your pay

Deadline:- 29-02-2016

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