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An International GRHS Essay Contest, sponsored by the Germans from Russia Heritage Society, headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota, will be held to encourage students from around the world to learn about the history and culture of the German-Russians, people who emigrated from Germany into Russia during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, in the USA, Canada and other countries in the Western Hemisphere, these people have become known as Germans from Russia.

This GRHS Essay Contest is open to all students attending public, private, parochial, or home schools, and to students attending accredited universities, as full time undergraduate students. The subject of the paper must be directly related to German Russian history, heritage or culture, and be the contestant’s original work. A contestant does not need to be ethnic German-Russian to enter the contest. Resubmission of previous works is permitted only by the original author, and only if the work has been rewritten, with noticeable revision and editing. International winners will be chosen in each of the following categories: • I. Middle School…6th thru 8th grade. • II. High School…9th thru 12th grade. • III. High School Senior. • IV. University or College Undergraduate, limited to undergraduate students enrolled full-time in degree-seeking programs. • TOPICS: Essay topics may include any and all aspects of German-Russian heritage including: • Cultural Anthropology of the German-Russians. • Historical analysis of the reasons for the Diaspora (scatter) of the German-Russians. • German-Russian history in the Americas and Canada. • German-Russian history in Russia, the Soviet Union, loss of Soviet citizenship, labor camps in the Soviet Union, and labor camps in England and France after World War II . • Personal family history, insofar as it relates to German-Russian history and culture.

Awards:- Prize: Up to $2000

Deadline:- 01-03-2016

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