Expired: Inspiring Hope Ideathon competition

Inspiring Hope Ideathon competition

INC Research and CISCRP – collaborators in raising awareness of clinical research – are excited to co-host a ground-breaking event on September 27-28 with one aim: to develop innovative and effective new ways to increase the awareness of clinical trials amongst patients, healthcare professionals and the general public.

Innovation through collaboration

Clinical research is vital to the development of new drugs and treatments, but it is entirely dependent on patient participation. The “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon is the first initiative of its kind designed to generate new and unique ideas to help raise to awareness of clinical trials in a competition format.

Data suggests less than 5% of people take part in clinical studies 1,2

To advance society’s ability to respond to future healthcare challenges and advance medical innovation, we must increase awareness of clinical research and study participation. This ground-breaking event allows you to be part of innovation and raise awareness of clinical trials.

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  2. PerlmuPer J. Advocate Involvement in I-SPY 2. Breast Diseases: A Year Book Quarterly. Elsevier; 2011;22(1):21–4.

The Ideathon

The “Inspiring Hope” Ideathon event will focus on:

  • Identifying new ideas that will raise awareness of clinical trials
  • Building a community of problem solvers
  • Identifying unique ideas that can make a difference to the broader community
  • Providing a platform to develop an active community that will learn from each other and work toward a common goal to raise public awareness about clinical research and reasons to participate in clinical trials

Collective goals

From biopharmaceutical companies to advocacy and non-profit organizations, to physicians and healthcare professionals; from marketing organizations to technology providers, to patients themselves – the Ideathon will encourage innovative ideas and creativity to generate new and unique ways to help raise awareness of clinical trials and study participation.

Ideas can include the use of data and new technology, re-purposing of current technology and crowd solving solutions. Share with us ideas that could create more effective engagement with patients, healthcare professionals and support groups. Show how forms of digital and social media outreach could be applied more effectively, providing actionable solutions to the critical issue of clinical trial awareness.

The competition poses four problem statements. How do we:

  1. 1.Raise public awareness about the role that clinical research plays in our society
  2. 2.Build more momentum to increase personal, long-term and ongoing participation in clinical studies
  3. 3.Stimulate more active engagement within the clinical research community, particularly those who seek alternative health care options
  4. 4.Create higher levels of recognition and appreciation for clinical trial volunteers

Awards:- Fame and a trip to Boston as a finalist.

Deadline:- 08-08-2016

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