Expired: International aluminum extrusion design competition

International aluminum extrusion design competition

Professional designers, engineers, and manufacturers, as well as students studying design, engineering, architecture or related field are invited to enter The 2016 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition. The Design Competition showcases innovation in design and engineering while recognizing talented designers and engineers for their ingenuity and creativity in designing products and systems that feature extruded aluminum.

Individual designers and companies are eligible to enter the Design Competition. Aluminum extruders and their customers are encouraged to team up to enter their design in the Competition. Structural/Architectural Architects and designers are increasingly discovering extruded aluminum’s advantages for structural applications. The Structural category can encompass: • Architectural components • Decking • Walkways Transportation Weight savings, increased safety, and improved performance are persistent concerns for transportation equipment designers and manufacturers. The transportation category can include: • Automotive • Aerospace • Marine Engineered Products Products and parts for the commercial, industrial, and consumer markets are covered in this general category. Designs that fit in this category include: • Sporting and recreational equipment • Machine components and controls • Electrical and thermal components Alternative Energy Aluminum’s sustainable characteristics, along with the versatility of the extrusion process, make aluminum extrusions ideal for alternative energy applications. Alternative energy including: • Solar power systems • Building-integrated photovoltaic modules • Wind power • Balconies and bridges • Modular building systems • Office component systems • Lighting and lighting components • Appliances, and more • Rail • Other related applications • Hydro-electric power • Geothermal energy systems.

Awards:- Grand Prize $3500, Professional Class First-Place Prize each category $2000, Student Class Scholarships totaling $8500

Deadline:- 07-03-2016

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