Expired: KLIK! Amsterdam animation festival

KLIK! Amsterdam animation festival

The KLIK! foundation is a national and international force in provocative quality animation. With the festival as KLIK!’s flagship, and other exciting activities happening in its wake, they bring their passion for and knowledge of animation to a wide audience.

KLIK! is accepting films for the following categories: Animated Short, Animated Student Short, Commissioned Animation, Animated Documentary, and Animated Music Video. If eligible, a film can also compete in the categories Political Short and Animated Short From an Emerging Nation. Each film also competes for the Audience Award or the Kids Audience Award.If eligible, your film can also compete for the categories Best Political Short and Best Animated Short From an Emerging Country. Please note: Even if you have a project that does not fit in one of the categories (e.g. feature films, interactive projects, or installations) it might still be presented during the festival by submitting it outside of the competition.

Awards:- Prizes: Animated Short: €1000, Animated Student Short: €750, Commissioned Animation: €500, etc

Deadline:- 15-06-2016