Expired: Nodeul dream island competition

Nodeul dream island competition

Seoul Metropolitan Government holds an international competition in order to establish a Music-led cultural complex until 2018, in which domestic and oversea specialists from various fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, etc. can participate.

This competition requires spatial and facility construction design which can contain an operation strategy that flexibly change and contain trace of the time and sedimentation. However, this does not mean it is an incomplete proposal. The proposal need to design infrastructure and necessary facilities for the entire island to operate in sufficient completeness even in case of no additional services. Nodeul Dream Island anticipates to be our hope. We hope the process and result, and everything of value and formality to be the ambition of our time spreads out. Therefore, we hope the entire island, not just specific structure or portion of the island, to be evaluated as a place filled with historical and artistic values by our future generation. The real juries of this competition will be the citizens of our next generation.

Awards:- 1st: Design Contract, 2nd: KRW 50 million, 3rd: KRW 30 million

Deadline:- 27-05-2016

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