Expired: Open air theatre for Cherkasy city park

Open air theatre for Cherkasy city park

First prize project will be applied for the municipal funding and grant programs to bring it into life. We’re also going to involve local community to fundraising and realization of the project. First prize winner will be the preferable applicant for the contract with the urban municipality to develop a comprehensive technical documentation for the project.

Competition is open to professionals and students of all countries, with the requirement that they either be in, or previously graduated from, a professional/registered university with a degree in one of the following: architecture, urban design, urban planning, landscape architecture, or engineering. Vital aspects that need to be addressed: Park is woodlike and has a lot of old pine trees which should be saved. Abilities for movies screening Space will be freely open to the public when not in use for performances and movies. However, there should be an ability to constrain the access for the night time and for the commercial events (movies shows, concerts). Dynamic roofing or tent which could be easily mounted/unmount depending on weather conditions. Should protect from sun rays and rain. Natural materials and shapes as much as possible. Theatre should be a part of surrounding nature. Amphitheatre (semicircular stage) preferable. Seats, benches or terraces for 500-800 audience members.

Awards:- 1st $1000 & contract

Deadline:- 31-07-2016

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