Expired: Women and Family Complex Facility Construction Design Competition

Women and Family Complex Facility Construction Design Competition

In order to allow this new Women and Family Complex Facility secure appropriate quality and improve class of our city as a key point of public building, the aim of competition is to choose a design proposal that contributes to improving our city’s public building class, which harmonizes with surrounding environment, and that with safety, functionality and artistry, corresponding to competition background and requested guideline:  ultimately to select a design proposal that ensures citizen’s convenience and welfare.

The district of Dongjak-gu Daebang Station is the place at which the U.S. Army base, ‘Camp Gray’, and the ‘Seoul Women’s Shelter’ that accommodates prostituted women, the runaway and demented elderly, and vagrants were located for 55 years before the retrocession at 2007. It is the place where the division, poverty, and women’s tough life are accumulated, and it is able to feel a pain of our modern and contemporary history. The city would like to turn the ‘dead’ and dark space where people do not want to go and wish to vanish into the space of ‘Salim’ where women and families could be save and the female and familial space ‘Space Salim’ where it is possible to revive, look after, and cure women and family. The new women and family complex facility to be made will be the space of ‘Salim’ that revive the relationship among family members and female households. The facility is the space that tests and extends insoluble and old tasks like increase in single-person household, disintegration of social relationship network, lack of communication among family members, low female labor market participation for 20 years, gender inference, and everything with interesting ways.

Awards:- 1st Right for preparing Design Development and Construction Document, 2nd 40 million KRW, 3rd 30 million KRW, 4th 20 million KRW

Deadline:- 17-06-2016

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