$10 Million Rainforest XPRIZE

$10M Rainforest XPRIZE

We are proud to announce the $10 million Rainforest XPRIZE has been launched!

Created from the Rainforest Prize Design and Future of Forests Impact Roadmap, this competition benefited from the input of XPRIZE Community members such as yourself.

The prize will incentivize the creation of technology that can discover and identify rainforest biodiversity and develop insights that may lead to a new bioeconomy through standing forests.

Your feedback and ideas helped make this exciting and important prize competition possible! Expect many more in the year to come.

Team registration is now open, so consider becoming a team and make an impact! Click here to read the announcement and here to learn everything about the Rainforest XPRIZE.

The $10 million Rainforest XPRIZE is a global 4-year competition to incentivize the development of integrated and advanced biodiversity assessment technologies that will yield previously undiscovered and meaningful insights into these magnificent environments. The competition will be followed by an additional two years of impact activities geared towards establishing a new bioeconomy for the next century. The prize respects the people of the forests and their culture, as well as the Convention on Biological Diversity and other national and international policies.

The Rainforest XPRIZE will accelerate innovation of unmanned and autonomous remote and in-situ technologies needed for biodiversity assessment. The competition will enhance our understanding of the rainforest ecosystem by using rapid data integration to provide new wisdom about the forest as well as inspire new investment and exploration. The Rainforest XPRIZE will discover the true potential of the standing forest, allowing the development of a new, sustainable, local bioeconomy.

Awards:- $10 Million

Deadline:- 30-06-2020

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