Closed/Expired: 29th Photo Contest “Caminos de Hierro”

29th Photo Contest "Caminos de Hierro"

The competition is organized by the Spanish Railways Foundation.

The Spanish Railways Foundation created the Photographic Contest “Caminos de Hierro” in 1986, with the aim to promote the railways photography and its environment through its passengers, stations, trains, tunnels, subways… Throughout these 25 years, this contest has reached almost 30,000 authors participated with 65,000 photographs, not only from Spain and other European countries, but also from Africa, America and Asia. 

You may submit a maximum of three railway photos or one photographic series.

• 1st Prize: 4,000 €
• 2nd Prize: 2,000 €
• Young Photographer’s Prize: 1,200 €
• 4 additional prizes of 300 € each

Deadline:- 29-05-2018

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