Expired: 3M young innovators challenge

3M young innovators challenge
3M is committed to identify and support a new generation of young leaders with ideas to tackle dire social problems.

India is experiencing an important moment in economic, skill and developmental growth. Government, public and private efforts and partnerships are being fostered to give impetus to the country’s holistic progress. This acceleration in the rate of growth is supposed to take care of both economic and social problems. However, as we progress, we are faced with new challenges to sustainability. There are some key issues such as inclusive growth, access to quality education and health, environment & resilience including sanitation, waste management and water, etc. that needs wider concerted efforts across the sectors to be able to create a healthy, sustainable and equitable leap for India. The country needs strong solutions to sustainability challenges with wide-ranging consequences that are not short lived. This will enable a secure future for generations to come, towards which responsibility lies with us today. It is imperative for us to be respectful of our relationship with our planet. We need new ideas beyond mere product oriented solutions or technological edges that could have optimistic impact on our ways of living. Sustainability of mankind will be possible with amalgamation of innovations across spheres. Towards this, there is growing awareness, by the virtue of our schools, colleges and societies. Our youth is a powerhouse of energy and ideas who can embed sustainability solutions to create security for our planet. 3M has undertaken the mission to source and support such young innovators.

3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge seeks to find ideas and new projects from young innovators communities that are ready to build resilience to the social, economic, and physical challenges that India is facing. Do you have an idea or an innovation to share that can ignite the next generation solution to the last mile in creating a better India? If yes, this competition is for you to participate and take advantage of the forum & support that is being offered.


200000-Par Excellence Technical – Winner

 200000-Par Excellence Non Technical – Winner
200000-Par Excellence Social – Winner
100000-Runners Up for each three category

Deadline:- 15-06-2016

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