Expired: 7- Eleven: a cold drink at every visit

7- Eleven: a cold drink at every visit

Have you been to a 7- Eleven? It’s a convenient store that’s open 24 hours, 7 days a week, present almost everywhere, in office, residential, urban and traffic areas such as high ways, gas stations. It provides fast and convenient solutions to satisfy every changing needs of customers.Not only people can find most of the things they need for daily life, from: drinks, snacks, sandwiches, cigarettes… to soap or tissues. They can also pay bills, deposit money, send packages and recharge cellphone minutes…

7- Eleven also provides a large selection of fresh food such as donuts, sandwiches, hot dogs, as well as their every-hour-fresh CAFÉ SELECT with free refills on Monday.Most people consider 7- Eleven a quick stop, where they go straight to what they need, grab, pay at the cashier, then get out, in 1 minute, or even less. One third of store visitors only go to the cashier to buy a pack of cigarettes or pay bills.As you can see in the shop picture, ready-to-drink cold drinks such as bottled water, soda, juice, are today sold only at the large fridges on the other end of the store, opposite from the cashier. A lot of visitors will go there…but not all! In fact, only half of the people who go to 7-Eleven buy a cold drink and this is what we want to change!

Most of the visitors who are not buying a cold non-alcoholic-drink mostly buy services, food (a quick meal, a snack…), an alcohol drink or a pack of cigarettes.

We want to influence all these visitors who go in a 7-Eleven and go out without a drink, whether they came only for food, cigarettes or for a bar of soap!

Can you help 7-Eleven to make every shopper buy a cold drink every time they visit?

Make shoppers at 7- Eleven grab a cold drink, even when they are not there for one!


#1 Prize €3,000

#2 Prize €1,500

#3 Prize €500

Deadline: – 30-07-2017

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