Expired: “A Bill You Can Understand” Design & Innovation Challenge

“A Bill You Can Understand” Design & Innovation Challenge

Help Patients Understand Their Medical Bills & The Financial Aspect of Health.

Patients in the U.S. struggle to understand their medical bills and the medical billing process. Providers, payers, and consumers all benefit if we improve the current system. This design and innovation challenge seeks to tackle a current consumer pain point to help deliver solutions that result in clearer, less complex, and more understandable medical bills that ultimately improve the patient financial experience.

Many health care organizations have been doing important work to address the complex problems that individuals face when navigating the medical billing process. A national challenge presents a unique opportunity to both support these ongoing efforts and catalyze innovation by bringing new players to the table – designers, developers, digital tech start-ups, entrepreneurs, and other innovators – who may traditionally be outside the healthcare space.

Awards:- Up to $10,000

Deadline:- 10-08-2016

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