Expired: A Box International ideas competition

A Box International ideas competition

After the successful past Editions La Città Nuda The Naked City presents, in collaboration with Moso Internationale TAG Talent Garden Torino, the new international contest focalised on the “architecture in a box”. The goal of this competition is to provide a pilot project which would give some indications to transform this vacant spaces in something new and riqualified active on the real estate market.

The competition requires the participants to create a small dynamic and multifunctional space to be set up in a 50 mq (530 square feet). The architectural ideas presented and their construction process will have to be innovative, linked to the concepts of speed of construction, temporariness, low cost of execution, manageability and functionality. The concept behind the competition is “architecture in a box”, the redesign of a space in a neutral existing container.

Awards:- will be expose to a public exhibit during the Festival Architecture in the City 2016 in Torino

Deadline:- 31-05-2016

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