About us

We are a team of innovators, who believe in conquering challenges and inspiring people around the world to take up new challenges, encouraging people to come up with their own inventions and innovations.

Aadhithya, Founder

“I have started Givemechallenge to make innovation opportunities accessible to all, my goal is to connect bright talent with some of the most innovative companies in the world solving challenges in various sectors, I have managed to win 33+ grand innovation challenges till date, in fact Givemechallenge was started out of a small Innovation award cash grant that I won for an product invention of mine. We are trying to keep Givemechallenge self sustainable and we are trying to come up with tools and apps for helping youth to discover great opportunities to take their careers to the next level. I invite anyone across the globe to reach out to me directly if you think we can help you or you can help us in this pursuit.”