AGENTS OF CHANGE’ Atopic dermatitis challenge

AGENTS OF CHANGE' Atopic dermatitis challenge

How might we tackle the bullying that is all too often experienced by people living with atopic dermatitis due to their skin condition?

Let’s work together to increase understanding of atopic dermatitis (AD), help break social stigma, and put a stop to the bullying faced by those with AD.

Bullying is a challenge faced by many people with atopic dermatitis (AD). It is estimated that as many as 1 in 10 people worldwide have AD, making it one of the most common long-term conditions [1],[2],[3]. However, for the AD community, this comes from a lack of understanding of their disease — which more often than not, is unfortunately the first thing other people see, and is something they live with every day.

While it may be easier to see the physical symptoms of AD and their overwhelming impact on daily life, what might be less easy to see is the stigma and feeling of doubt people with this disease often face.

Awards:- $10,000

Deadline:- 01-11-2019

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