Closed/Expired: ALD Startup Challenge

ALD Startup Challenge

By taking part in the ALD Startup Challenge, you may have the chance to sign a partnership agreement with ALD Automotive that will bring your project to be experimented in one of the 41 countries where the group is established.

Whether your idea is at the design stage, developed or already marketed, there is a place for it in our challenge.Your mission Parking in urban areas is an issue that many drivers have to cope with. It is often a stressful time to get through and to this day only few services offer a real improvement of their user experience. We would like to work with startups that offer innovating answers and are able to reinvent the experience of our customers in this specific field. To meet this challenge, step into the skin of a driver to rethink all or part of its experience of urban parking and provide a simple creative and digital answer!

Awards:- Experimentation worth with ALD Automotive 20,000 euros

Deadline:- 03-04-2017

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