Closed/Expired: Always Protection innovation challenge

Always Protection innovation challenge

What does protection mean to women during their periods?

It can mean reliability, security, efficiency, discipline, comfort, peace of mind, freedom, confidence…

In the context of feminine hygiene, it could mean:

  • the pads don’t leak regardless of the (changing) flow,
  • they last a long time,
  • they absorb fluid quickly,
  • they are instantly dry; even clean,
  • they stay perfectly in place, and fit comfortably….

In an ideal world, superior protection from a menstruation pad means that period days aren’t any different than other days; women want to rely on their pad, forget about wearing it & ultimately forget about their period, so they can do whatever they want to do.

Always aims to empower girls & women and unleash their confidence to be whoever they want to be. Always the world’s leader in feminine protection, offers a wide range of sanitary pads designed to fit different body types, period flows and preferences. Now the range comes with a new top layer and more absorbing gel to offer clean & dry protection and better prevent leakages.

However, in a world where different brands offer a very good level of protection and when women stand in front of the shelves, they don’t see the superiority of the Always protection. They think all pads are the same.

We’d like you to help Always communicate its superior protection. Can you help?

Creative Challenge

In a distinctive, meaningful and intuitive way, communicate Always’ superior protection in-store and on-pack.


  • #1 Prize 1st (€3,000)
  • #2 Prize 2nd (€1,500)
  • #3 Prize 3rd (€500)

Deadline:- 18-03-2018

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