Closed/Expired: Always for teenage girls poster contest

Always for teenage girls poster contest

The teen years can be both exciting and difficult. Going through physical and emotional changes during puberty is a sign of growing up, but can also make teenagers awkward and unsure of themselves. For girls between 11 and 13 years old, getting a period at school can be stressful. Constantly worried about privacy and possible leakage, they need the best support and protection they can get.

At this stage, girls rely on their mother’s advice to choose the right female product, which makes them feel confident and secure. Even when they are not totally satisfied with it, they are not actively looking for a better solution. They could possibly try a new product following a recommendation from their friends, or when they borrow a friend’s pad due to an unexpected period.

Always, one of the leading brands providing solutions for women’s intimate hygiene, has launched an Ultra Thin pad providing the best protection for them day and night. It has a flexible design that moves with them, plus a super absorbent core with gel that absorbs in seconds. Always pads are designed to absorb even more than needed. However, when girls hear about thin pads, the first impression would be that it provides less absorbency or protection, becoming a barrier to trying it.

Can you convince teenage girls that Always Ultra Thin is both discreet and absorbent, allowing them to enjoy their days without worrying about their period?

Creative Challenge

In an original poster, convince teenage girls that Always Ultra Thin are designed to protect them with discretion and good absorption.


  • #1 Prize €700
  • #2 Prize €500
  • #3 Prize €300

Deadline:- 06-06-2017

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