Closed/Expired: “Animate Europe 2019: Europe+” International Comics Competition

"Animate Europe 2019: Europe+" International Comics Competition

The international comics competition “Animate Europe” is organized by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom.

This year´s topic is Europe+ and we are looking forward to stories on the added value of the European Union. What are the advantages of the European Union? What did the EU do well according to you – in general terms or in your personal experience? 

The competition consists of two phases. In phase I, entrants submit the first page of your graphic short story, together with a summary of the story. In phase II, the finalists will be asked to present the complete 8-page graphic short story.


The jury will select four finalists who will receive a grant of 800 € to finish an eight-page comics story by Sunday, 31 March 2019. The winner will receive a prize of 500 €. All four finalists’ entries will be published in an anthology.

Deadline:- 15-12-2018

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