Apply for NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest

NASA Space Settlement Contest 2016 is organized by NASA Ames in collaboration with National Space Society and seeks to give students an opportunity to design practical and applicable orbital space settlement model.NASA Space Settlement contest is organised since 1994 and school students up to class 12 can participate in the contest individually or in a team, accompanied by the respective  teacher.

Participants have to develop space settlement models & related materials and these designs are sent to NASA Ames further for selection procedure.

The contest comprises distinguished categories, and entries are placed under the specified categories, depending upon the eligibility criteria.The models presented must be intellectually independent and permanent.

The Grand Prize winning entry will be placed NASA Ames World Wide Website and the single highest scoring team or individual will get cash prize worth $5,000.

Deadline:March 1, 2016

Award:- $5000

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