Apply for Niemen Fellowship

Niemen Fellowship at Harvard University 2016-17 is for Journalists who have 5 years of full-time media working experience.The applicants of Niemen Fellowship 2016-17 are not bound by any restriction of age or minimum education qualification.The candidates selected for the fellowship will have the freedom to select their course of study at Harvard. Some applicants prefer to spend their year exploring the fields of their interest while others seek to broaden their knowledge in several areas or prepare for a new assignment.

The Course Fee of Harvard along with stipend of $65,000 (Approx. INR 43,00,000) is provided to Niemen Fellows.Niemen Fellowship 2016-17 offer total 24 scholarships, 12 of them are for international applicants.

The applications for Niemen Fellowship 2016-17 are to be made online and the application process should be complete before December 01, 2015.

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