Apps 4 Digital Peace Competition

Apps 4 Digital Peace Competition

Limiting the use of the internet as a domain of conflict through original youth developed technology-based solutions, such as mobile apps.

21st century challenges need 21st century solutions, especially when it comes to creating a safer and a more secure online world. Amidst escalating numbers of sophisticated cyberattacks, it is clear that bringing greater security and stability to cyberspace will require new and different ideas compared to what has worked in other domains of conflict, and collaboration across disciplines.

This is why the Cybersecurity Tech Accord is excited to be partnering with the United Nations Office of Disarmament Affairs (UNODA) to launch Apps 4 Digital Peace, a first-of-its-kind competition, to stimulate new thinking from innovating young minds across the world (the “Competition”). The goal of the Competition is to develop original technology-based solutions, such as mobile applications, to both help limit the use of the internet as a domain of conflict, and to increase the stability of our online environment.

The Competition is meant to complement the work of the United Nations in promoting an open, secure, stable, accessible and peaceful cyber environment through

  • addressing existing and potential cyber threats,
  • Ensuring respect for international law in cyberspace,
  • Ensuring respect for human rights in cyberspace,
  • Adherence to voluntary norms, rules and principles,
  • Fostering confidence building, and
  • cybersecurity capacity building.

We hope that this initiative will help bring together young innovators and leaders from the technology and policy communities to address the urgent need to improve cybersecurity and reduce tensions between nations online. While entries will not need to feature final versions of their proposed solutions, we look forward to reviewing proofs of concept and explanations of how proposed technology-based solutions would help stem some of the risks posed by cyber conflict and improve security for real people online.


  • The Competition is open to teams consisting of one or more persons who are between the ages of sixteen (16) and thirty-two (32) years old as of July 30, 2020 at 11:59 PM (2359) GMT.
  • Teams should consist of a maximum of 5 people. Each participant should be only be a member of 1 team.


Finalists for the Competition will be in the running to receive both cash prizes and networking opportunities to help get their ideas off the ground. This will include $15k for first prize, $10k for second, and $5k for third, as well as an opportunity to attend the Cybersecurity Tech Accord’s annual meeting to present the winning submission to some of the world’s leading technology companies committed to improving security online for users everywhere.

Deadline:- 01-05-2020

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