Apps for Humanity challenge

Apps for Humanity challenge

Hey developers! Have an idea to solve a humanitarian issue? Can it be built using our open source tools? Submit your ideas to win $25k.

The Problem

We want to see nonprofits – the organizations that are dedicated to solving the world’s pressing problems – create a large scale and lasting impact using technology.

1. Technology is expensive and nonprofits can’t afford many existing solutions.
2. Tech companies typically focus their efforts on for-profit organizations.
3. Nonprofits don’t know or don’t think they need technology to achieve results.

The Challenge Breakthrough

We want innovative technology solutions to become commonplace in the nonprofit world, helping to solve issues that affect humanity.

How to Win the Challenge

The winner must submit an innovative and executable idea that helps solve an important issue affecting humanity. The winning submission will effectively describe how it uses our CORE software platform to build out the proposed solution, what the idea adds to complement our platform’s functionality, and how the idea differs from existing solutions aimed at addressing the same problem.

The winning idea will be used to create the second part of the challenge: the implementation phase. The finalist, and any other developer, are welcome to build out the winning idea. Ultimately, our goal is to have a fully functioning final product that can be deployed for use by relevant nonprofits.


There will be two phases to the challenge: the ideation phase and the implementation phase. The ideation phase will last for three months, from the time registration opens until the final winner is announced. The implementation phase will last for six months, from the time registration opens until the final winner is announced.

What You Can Do To Cause A Breakthrough

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Additional rules

Who can participate:
The Challenge is open to individuals and teams. To be eligible to compete, you must comply with all the terms of the Challenge as defined in the Challenge-Specific Agreement.

Selection of Winner:
Based on the winning criteria, one prize will be awarded for a total of $20,000 USD. In case of a tie, the winner will be selected at the discretion of the Judging Panel.

All votes are subject to review. Any competitor using unfair methods to solicit votes will be automatically disqualified from the challenge.

Deadline:-15 January 2016

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