Artificial Intelligence Applications to Autonomous Cybersecurity (AI ATAC) Challenge

Artificial Intelligence Applications to Autonomous Cybersecurity (AI ATAC) Challenge

Advanced malware prediction and prevention utilizing state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the endpoint.

The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command (NAVWARSYSCOM) and the Program Executive Office for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence (PEO C4I) are conducting the Artificial Intelligence Applications to Autonomous Cybersecurity (AI ATAC), pronounced “AI attack” Challenge (hereinafter referred to as “the Challenge”). The Navy’s Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Program Office (PMW 130) seeks to automate the Security Operations Center (SOC) using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) beginning with the endpoint.  Modern malware strains, especially sophisticated malware created by advanced persistent threat (APT) groups, have shown capabilities that mutate faster than signature-based protection tools can adapt. PMW 130 solicits white papers describing endpoint-based security technologies and the corresponding tool for evaluation in the AI ATAC Prize Challenge competition.


The Challenge winners will be notified via email. NAVWARSYSCOM will announce the winners on the website and via appropriate channels.

NAVWARSYSCOM has established $150,000 as the total amount set aside for cash prizes under this Challenge. A $100,000 first place cash prize will be awarded to the winning entry. A $50,000 second place cash prize will be awarded to the second place winner.  In the unlikely event of a tie, NAVWARSYSCOM will determine an equitable method of distributing the cash prizes.

If a prize goes to a team of Participants, NAVWARSYSCOM will award the cash prize to the individual/team’s point of contact registered on the Challenge website, for further distribution to the team, as the team members see fit. 

NAWARSYSCOM may award, pursuant to Title 10 U.S.C. § 2371b, a follow-on production contract or transaction to one or more participants who successfully demonstrated an effective AI/ML approach under this Challenge. This Challenge, however, does not in any way obligate NAVWARSYSCOM to procure any of the items within the scope of this Challenge from the winners

Tax treatment of prizes will be handled in accordance with U.S. Internal Revenue Service guidelines. The winner must provide a U.S. TIN (e.g., a SSN, TIN, EIN) to receive the cash prize.

Deadline:- 30-09-2019

Note:- Open U.S.A Only

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