ASHRAE – Great Energy Predictor III

ASHRAE - Great Energy Predictor III

Thankfully, significant investments are being made to improve building efficiencies to reduce costs and emissions. The question is, are the improvements working? That’s where you come in. Under pay-for-performance financing, the building owner makes payments based on the difference between their real energy consumption and what they would have used without any retrofits. The latter values have to come from a model. Current methods of estimation are fragmented and do not scale well. Some assume a specific meter type or don’t work with different building types.

In this competition, you’ll develop accurate models of metered building energy usage in the following areas: chilled water, electric, hot water, and steam meters. The data comes from over 1,000 buildings over a three-year timeframe. With better estimates of these energy-saving investments, large scale investors and financial institutions will be more inclined to invest in this area to enable progress in building efficiencies.


1st place – $10,000
2nd place – $7,000
3rd place – $5,000
4th place – $2,000
5th place – $1,000

Because this competition is being hosted in coordination with the ASHRAE Organization and its Winter or Annual meetings in 2020, winners will be invited and strongly encouraged to attend the conference, contingent on review of solution and fulfillment of winners’ obligations.

Note that in addition to the standard Kaggle Winners’ Obligations (open-source licensing requirements, solution packaging/delivery, presentation to host), the host team also asks that you create a short video (under 5 minutes) summarizing your solution.

Deadline:- 12-12-2019

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