Expired: Your Authentic Best Stay Ever Stories contest

Your Authentic Best Stay Ever Stories

What’s the most magical hotel stay experience you’ve ever had?  Share your experiences of a hotel stay that was made memorable because of the hotel staff and you and your Story could be featured in an upcoming video.

Think about the most amazing hotel stay you’ve ever had. What made it stand out? What made it unique and highly personal? We’re talking beyond free yoga mat rentals and a glass of wine when you check in; when a hotel went from being a place to crash to being a second home; when a concierge or a bartender became a friend; when you were inspired to sit down and write a thank-you email to a hotel manager or chef. That, my friends, is the Kimpton experience.

See, Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants are built around the concept of going above and beyond what you’d typically expect from a hotel experience to create those memorably magical stays we’re talking about. Instead of lobbies, they have living rooms where guests are always welcome. Every hotel is individually designed and locally inspired with unexpected elements that make you smile. All are highly fashionable and no two are the same from the robes in the closet to the artwork behind the front desk. Kimpton employees will pick up on an opportunity to make someone’s day, and go out of their “regular” duties to make it happen, completely unscripted and always authentic. Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, attending a wedding or checking out a new city, your hotel experience should be as personal and unique as your trip is – and as you are.

And herein lies our question for you, the Tongal community: we’re looking for Stories of your best hotel stay ever, and the hotel staff who made it that way. Think beyond the amenities and share your Stories, large or small; what made your most memorable Kimpton Hotel stay experience so special?

Awards:- This Project will be worth a total of $10,000 and consists of an Authentic Story Phase.

Deadline:- 10-05-2017

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