Automatic Chemical Weighing And Feeding challenge

Automatic Chemical Weighing And Feeding challenge

Leather hides are given different colour and texture as per customer requirements. Colour is sprayed on the leather using a spray gun. This colour has a standard formula of making, with definite proportion of various chemicals mixed in sequence. 

The chemicals required for making the dye, are stored in small drums with capacity 15-20 kgs. All these chemicals are water-based chemicals in liquid form with different viscosities. All these chemicals are mixed together in a rotating drum to form the colour which is then sprayed on the leather hides using a spray gun. Leather requires 5- 6 layers of different chemical mixes coated using spray gun at different intervals and each coat having different formula and proportion.

Currently, an operator picks up the required chemical from the storage area and weighs as per the chemical formulation requirement mentioned in the SAP system and fed into the rotating drum to make the colour.

This task of picking up chemicals from the storage area, weighing and feeding, is manual in nature and is not efficient as it is prone to errors. Operators tend to miss out a chemical or change the order of feeding chemicals and thereby changing the chemical composition of the colour. This might go unnoticed until the colour is sprayed on the leather. This may lead to rejection of the whole batch of leather hides incurring losses. Therefore, we need an automated process of colour making. This automated process should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Easy integration with the existing SAP system.
  2. An automatic system that will take the chemicals from the storage drums.
  3. Later the chemicals should be weighed as per the requirement prescribed in the SAP system and fed in proper sequence into the rotating drum where they will be mixed to form the desired colour.
  4. The required individual chemicals should be taken out as per the formulation, stored in separate chemical mix container which also varies based on the quantity of chemical mix required to be prepared (from 10kgs to 1000kgs container).
  5. The chemical mix prepared for finishing coats as per the production requirement also varies from 10kgs to 500kgs so in that case individual chemicals might be required from 0.1kgs to 500kgs to prepare a chemical mix.
  6. 2 to 10 coats should be prepared for a batch of leather depending upon the product requirements.
  7. The system should incorporate a washing mechanism to its mixing drum, wherein the drum should be washed after every cycle of chemical mixing.
  8. The system should be easy to maintain. All parts should be available locally in India.
  9. The process must be environmentally safe. The system should not generate any fumes in the mixing process and should not affect the PH level of the chemicals.

Awards:- INR 1000000

Deadline:- 10-07-2019

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