AWS Hackdays Online 2020 – Multi-Country

AWS Hackdays Online 2020 - Multi-Country

Build Tomorrow! Accelerate South-East Asian digitalization while bringing new solutions addressing today’s industry challenges.

After the success of the 2019 edition, AWS Hackdays is back in 2020 with an exciting new challenge! Introducing “AWS Hackdays: Build Tomorrow!”, a hackathon for South-East Asian Developers who want to shape the future. 

Contribute to building the future of your region today
with the power of technology!

 This year, the focus is on the acceleration of digitalization in South-East Asia. You will have the opportunity to bring new solutions to address four of today’s industry challenges by leveraging Amazon Web Services Tools:


Learning & Development



#BuildOnAWS #AWShackathon

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Online Demo Day Prizes

 The top team selected in this AWS Hackdays Online Demo Day will be granted the Demo Day Prize: 

Cash Prize of USD 2,000!

And an exclusive invitation to attend the AWS Hackdays Online Final Hackathon to compete against top winners in every country of the AWS Hackdays Online Demo Days for the grand cash prize of USD 20,000 per team!  > Runner up team for the Demo Day will receive the cash prize of up to USD 400. 

Deadline:- 03-07-2020

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