AWS Marketplace developer challenge

AWS Marketplace developer challenge

Develop a creative solution with ready-to-use ML models from AWS Marketplace deployed on Amazon SageMaker

Pre-trained Machine Learning (ML) models are ready-to-use building blocks that you can use to develop intelligent applications. In this challenge, you’re invited to develop innovative solutions using one or more of the curated ML models from AWS Marketplace that make an impact for businesses, users, and customers.

You can conceive ideas for public safety monitoring, individual worker safety using computer vision models. Or, you can integrate with a Robotic Process Automation application. Or, you can automate data entry, search with text extraction, summarization models. Or, even build a custom Q&A chat bot. Or, you can utilize buyer propensity predictions to personalize messaging and digital ads on a web-site. Or, dream up something else. There are so many innovative web, mobile, or backend applications waiting to be built!

This is a chance to show off your skills, learn something new, connect with the wider developer community, and get your shot at part of $48,000 in prizes.

No prior ML knowledge necessary: You can easily develop ML solutions by integrating the ML model via a REST API call. See resources to learn more about machine learning from AWS and inspiration for what you can build.

AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog with thousands of listings from independent software vendors that enables you to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. With Machine Learning Solutions in AWS Marketplace, you can find and procure hundreds of ready-to-use algorithms and models and deploy them in just a few clicks. AWS Marketplace Machine Learning solutions deploy directly in Amazon SageMaker, so you can simplify data experimentation, reach deeper insights, and increase productivity and efficiency across an unlimited number of use cases.

Awards:- $48,000

Deadline:- 15-04-2020

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