Expired: Babyn Yar—Dorohozhychi Necropolis

Babyn Yar—Dorohozhychi Necropolis

The principal goal for the organizers ) is to create a comprehensive memory site—the “Babyn Yar—Dorohozhychi Necropolis” memorial park. The objective is to transform what is now a littered woodland park /recreational park into a site conducive to reflection and respect for the victims that lie here. At the same time, this area must remain open to emorialization efforts down the road as a consequence of dialogue and as a result of the cooperation of different communities and parts of the society.

The competition client has a motivation to see the projects arising from the competition materialize. However, the client is not the owner of the territory and is not legally entitled to implement the projects independently. Therefore, the only course of action is to deploy consistent efforts aimed at persuading the landowners and authorized land users, as well other stakeholders and the wider public, of the necessity of having this project realized. The competition is envisioned as a first step in that direction.

Awards:- 1st $17000, 2nd $12000, 3rd $7000

Deadline:- 22-05-2016

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