Bajaj – Almond Drops Hair Oil Challenge

Bajaj – Almond Drops Hair Oil Challenge

Oiling hair is an old practice anchored in the daily routine of most Indian households. It consists of massaging hair oil into the scalp and hair, leaving it in overnight, and washing it off the day after using a shampoo. People usually do it twice a week to nourish their hair.

Indian people use hair oil for many different reasons, from basic nourishment to reducing hair loss and protecting hair from pollution damage. It results in a large number of brands and types of hair oil available on the market. Some brands focus on the ingredients of their formulation: coconut, amla (Indian Gooseberry, etc.), others claim to solve hair problems such as hair loss, while another group of brands have improved the experience of oiling hair, offering products that are non-sticky.

Bajaj ADHO is the second favorite hair oil in India. It is an almond based hair oil which is non sticky and enriched with vitamin E. While Bajaj ADHO is the only leading hair oil with almond oil at its core, people do not specifically link almonds with any one hair-care benefit. As Bajaj ADHO is 50% more expensive than competing all-purpose hair oils, we want to emphasize the nourishment benefit of this ingredient. Can you find a creative way to demonstrate that Bajaj ADHO’s nourishment is superior?

Creative Challenge

Create an impactful visual to demonstrate that Bajaj ADHO’s nourishment is superior!


  • #1 Prize €1,000
  • #2 Prize €750
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 28-08-2019

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