Closed/Expired: Bathroom in a Day Challenge by Mitros

Bathroom in a Day Challenge by Mitros

Mitros, a Dutch social housing corporation based in the city of Utrecht, invites proposals for innovative approaches that can substantially accelerate the renovation process of bathrooms in social apartments and houses. Ultimately, the ideal solution will speed-up the renovation process of the bathroom from seven days to only one day, greatly reducing the amount of nuisance to the residents.  For a full explanation of the challenge, please view the Challenge Summary Document.






The proposed solution should meet at least one or more of the following criteria:


  1. Accelerate the bathroom renovation process
  • Significant reduction in the duration of the renovation, preferably to 1 day only
  • No or limited affect the functionality of the bathroom, e.g. its size, partical interior design
  • Partial solutions are also of interest


  1.  Lower the amount of hindrances
  • Significant reduction in the amount of dust caused by drilling/stripping/notching, preferably dustless
  • Significant reduction in the amount of noise caused by drilling/stripping/notching, preferably noiseless
  • The technology should be usable in rooms which can be as small as 3m²


  1. Costs should be comparable or lower (after development) than a traditional bathroom renovation (average of €5,000 each bathroom). The total cost of ownership must at least be equal, preferably improved, due to cost avoidance, time reduction, even if that implies an increase in for example materials cost.


  1. Enable some customization to each resident’s taste and give residents flexibility in the timing of their bathroom renovation (series-of-1)


  1. Solve the soil & waste stacks challenge (see Challenge Summary – Appendix for further details)
  • As less radical as possible, preferably without drilling/grinding


Note: In general, all solutions should be maintenance free for 20 years and easy replaceable due to the recurring process of renovating the bathrooms.


The ideal solution would address all objectives (a, b, c, d and e) leading to more satisfied residents.


Mitros is also interested in suggestions and ideas that might help in providing a partial solution. Partial solutions do not have to meet all criteria and may require further development, for example a solution that is suitable only for the soil & waste stacks will be interesting and thoroughly evaluated.


Proposals will provide supporting evidence that it can meet these criteria.

Awards:- The total opportunity for this Challenge is up to € 80,000 in cash plus possible collaboration contracts. Up to 4 respondents will be awarded initial recognition up to € 10,000 each.  The 2 most promising proposals will be invited to demonstrate their solution and will receive an additional recognition of € 20,000 each, which covers all work costs.  If successful, further collaboration may be available, i.e. piloting at a larger scale.

Deadline:- 01-12-2016

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