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Powerhead Desall innovation contest

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The sponsor relies on the Community of for the design of new products dedicated to gardening, through the organization of two contests open to all creatives, that will take place simultaneously in order to facilitate the creation of a range of products sharing the same family feeling : Battery Lawn Tools and Battery Lawn Powerhead .
In particular, Battery Lawn Powerhead is looking for the design of a new powerhead , namely the body containing batteries and engine for a line of lawn mowers, and of the respective battery .

For the correct realisation of your proposals, keep into consideration the following guidelines:
Product typology : you are invited to design the powerhead , that is the body containing the batteries and the engine for a line of lawn mowers , and the battery . The powerhead shall host a brushless engine , two batteries , needed to provide power, and two controllers . It is the same battery employed in the tools subject of the Battery Lawn Tools contest. You can find the 3D files and relevant bulk volume of all the elements here specified inside the Material files .

The powerhead is the main focus of the contest and constitutes the element mounted on the top of the lawn mower chassis, inside which the batteries , the engine , connected to the cutting group, and two controllers are hosted. The maximum bulk volume of the powerhead shall be about 353x270x160mm (LxWxH) but you are free to reduce the size at your will, as long as you find a way to house all the elements described. Given its irregular shape, we invite you to check out the 3D model attached in the Material files . The contest is aimed at the development of the powerhead , keeping into consideration its maximum size, the volume of the internal components and the style and functional features described below.

Battery compartment : you are invited to think of a housing system for two batteries that will have to be entirely enclosed inside a compartment and easily accessible through a door or similar device , thus protected from possible water sprays and rain. You are also required to include a practical insertion and release mechanism for the batteries that ensure an easy use for the customer. When the lawn mower is operating, the batteries must be tightly fixed in their housing.
The access to the batteries shall preferably be from the front or from the sides , at all events it shall be easily accessible for the final user, avoiding solutions that entail the access from the back, namely from the side of the operator, as it would be less convenient.

Ventilation grids : in order to ensure the correct cooling of the engine, of the batteries and of the controllers, you are required to include inlet air grids , making sure that water may not get inside the powerhead . In particular, the air circulation is generated by a fan placed inside the engine end bell (not subject of the contest), that thus requires some ducts that may channel the air inside the powerhead , ensuring a good air circulation towards the engine and the remaining components. In particular, the two controllers , provided in the Material files , shall necessarily be placed inside these ducts so to be granted proper cooling.

Powerhead versatility : the powerhead shall also be suitable for several lawn mower models, with different features and size: the design will accordingly have to be compact and versatile , able to adapt from an aesthetic point of view also to models that have no grass catcher. For more information please refer to the Market-insight_Powerhead attached in the Material files.

Colour : the powerhead you design will have two colours of your choice, with two different proportions and finishes. In particular, a dark colour with matte finish , that will cover 60% of the powerhead and a light colour with glossy finish , that will cover the remaining 40%.

Style : the style of the powerhead shall be sober , elegant and modern , it shall convey a sense of solidity and reliability , while preserving a sense of lightness in the shapes . The lines shall be fluid and clean , with an organic design , simple and minimal shapes . The edges shall be rounded and clean . In order to increase the family feeling inside the range of products (including the battery tools, subject of the Battery Lawn Tools contest) you are invited to think of possible stylistic elements shared by all the products that may become a distinguishing feature for the brand (e.g. grids, etc.). In the Marketing-insight_Powerhead presentation attached in the Material files you will find several examples of products currently available on the market, with indications and comments that will guide you through the design. In particular, pay attention to a few stylistic choices that the sponsor prefers to avoid, such as an excessive height for the powerhead or a powerhead which is too integrated in the lawn mower chassis, that would be ill-suited for a model with no grass catcher (see slides 8-11 of the Market-insight_Powerhead presentation and the other materials attached in the Material files ).

Materials : the structure of the powerhead shall be light, in ABS , PA6 , PP or polycarbonate, mainly employing injection moulding technologies. You may also use other materials, for example metal insertions , to create stylistic elements of your choice.

Logo : on the design of the powerhead you are required to include the logo , that for the purposes of the contest you will substitute with the wording: “ logo ”, and the model code that for the contest purposes you will substitute with the wording: “ XYZ123 ”. You are free to place these two elements at your wish. The logo will be applied either through pad printing or embossed on the mould .

Awards:- €3000

Deadline:- 31-05-2017

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