Expired: BBSRC Strategic Training Awards for Research Skills

BBSRC Strategic Training Awards for Research Skills

The BBSRC Strategic Training Awards for Research Skills (STARS) programme aims to support the development of strategically important and vulnerable research skills and capabilities in the biosciences. Awards are available to develop postgraduate-level training in areas of significant need for clearly defined academic and industrial sectors.

Reasons for such additional support include, but are not restricted to:

  • A lack of training and/or capability in specific areas, or a need to up-skill individuals within a specific area.
  • An identified need to attract researchers into the area.
  • A need to build capacity in a new or emerging research area.
  • A need to transfer technical and commercially relevant skills to/from industry.

Delivery training can be achieved through research experience placements, development of skills schools and the delivery of new training resources.


Applications are welcome for support of any research capability within the remit, but particularly those highlighted in the Review of Vulnerable Skills and Capabilities, and especially in relation to capabilities within the following areas:

  • Maths, statistics and computational biology
  • Physiology and pathology of plants, animals and microbes
  • Agriculture and food security

Applications outside these areas are welcome, but a strong, evidenced case for why the topic addresses vulnerabilities or strategic skills is essential.

How to Apply

Apply through the STARS online application program. Applications should also include the following documentation-

  • STARS Case for Support.
  • An Evidence of Additional Support Form.
  • A covering letter.

Deadline:- 03-02-2016

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