Accident Alert System

A unique feature never provided to cyclists until today that generates in case of a detected accident, an automatic alert messages with GPS positioning sent via email or text message, to a pre-defined list of emergency contacts.

 Live “Mirror” View

A very powerful feature never provided to cyclists yet, bringing a high level of security as it enables to check what’s happening behind you without having to turn your head, or to add mirrors on their bike. See live on your smartphone placed on the handlebars, if vehicles get behind you too much closer.

 Ground Laser Turning Indicators
Other totally innovative feature, Ground Laser Turning Indicators are a great add-on to LED Turning indicators in front and back modules.
Activated via remote control to indicate by night which direction you turn, laser indicators are projecting on the ground distinctive blinking orange arrows to notify other vehicles following you, which way you are heading.
 Live Video Cast

BEAKOR System paired with its native dedicated Smartphone Application, will enable to cast Live Remote Video Feed.
Front or back camera could be selected, as well as quality of the feed to cast.
This function will help you share freely and very easily with your friends live unmemorable moments of your cycling sessions.