Closed/Expired: Bed Bug Awareness Week 2018 Writing Contest

Bed Bug Awareness Week 2018

The Professional Pest Management Alliance has taken the initiative to set up a Bed Bug Awareness week. Get Rid of Pests holds a new competition, developed around particular pest-related social issues.

The subject of the writing contest is:

Are we capable of winning the battle against bedbugs or will we be forced to live with them?

Competitions will be in written or interview format. Participants can enter in either of the programs or both.

  • Text Interview- $100, and second and third contestants will receive $50
  • Video Interview – $200, and second and third contestants will receive $100

Awards:- The winners will be featured on the Get Rid of Pest blog permanently, with their name, photograph (or avatar), and credentials.

Deadline:- 01-06-2018

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