Closed/Expired: BESPIRITED Contest


We have transformed DIAGEO’s Budapest office into an online strategic game, based on the “escape room” concept. Wheter you are an undergrad student or freshly out of college/university, your time has come! Whatever your professional field of study we are looking for smart, creative and spirited people. Apply in teams of three and find your way out! This challenge is for you!

The task is simple: you have to find your way to our very own sky bar by collecting clues and solving tasks – just like in a real-life “escape room” game. But now the prize is even greater. If you are one of the bests, you will not only visit Dublin and the Guiness brewery, but you will also have the chance to become a member of our team!

Awards:- 1st Dublin Guinness Storehouse visit, 2nd Mixer Course, 3rd Zwack distillery visit + voucher, +1 Special prize: Red Bull Grand Stand tickets

Deadline:- 21-03-2016

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