Better Government Competition

Better Government Competition

America is a country on the move. Our economy and quality of life depend on the effectiveness of our transportation systems. State, local, and federal governments invest hundreds of billions of dollars each year in transportation infrastructure, yet we continue to waste hours in traffic, arrive late for work and medical appointments, and miss out on family time. America is the fifth most congested country in the world, and Boston is the nation’s seventh most congested city. As economies grow increasingly oriented toward metropolitan areas, these challenges will intensify. Pioneer Institute’s 2019 Better Government Competition is focused on ideas that get commuters to where they need to go conveniently and reliably, and transform our transportation system from a constraint on economic growth to a driver of prosperity.

  • Submit an idea paper of five or fewer pages describing the problem you’re addressing and your solution.  The “idea” can be a new concept or a recently implemented program that shows promising results.  Be sure to touch briefly on the following elements:
  • A description, with relevant background, of the problem to be addressed.
  • An explanation of the proposed solution and how it will change the current policy landscape in the field of transportation and mobility. If appropriate, cite examples of similar approaches that are currently in place. If possible, estimate and discuss the costs and benefits of your idea or model compared to current policy approaches, potential obstacles to implementation. Please note: Legal obstacles or the need for new legislation should not be considered barriers to entry. Also, we may seek further information regarding your proposal.

Awards:- $10,000

Deadline:- 01-06-2019

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