The Berufsförderungsinstitut Wien, abbreviated as BFI Wien, aims to bring further education to the next level during the following years.

In order to achieve this goal within a very short time period, BFI Wien needs to know which loopholes are there in the current educational system? What specifically should be taught and in which format?

BFI Wien is the largest vocational training institute in Vienna (Austria). Their activities focus on vocational education and (continuing) training for workers as well as educational and occupational schemes for unemployed persons and workers threatened with unemployment.

It is, together with its subsidiaries, 900 employees and 1000 independent trainers, covering about 4000 courses and seminars a year on various topics and for different educational levels. In other words, the whole spectrum of further education.

It aims its courses at everyone. About 45.000 people a year take part in seminars, trainings and workshop and successfully complete 600.000 educational units. The subsidiaries of the BFI Wien include the Business High-School (HAK/HAS), the College of the BFI Wien (FH des BFI Wien), the evening school with a technical focus (TGA) and the non-profit organization Job-TransFair.

The following three question marks have been determined for this contest:

  • Which gaps exist between generic and specialized curriculums and the demands of employers on the market?
  • What specifically would you like to learn in a course to fill this gap?
  • What format would be the most appropriate to follow this particular course?


We strongly recommend to integrate these three major segments into each idea that you submit. The reason for that is that they are all closely linked and essential. Not only for the rating of the ideas by the experts on the platform and for the selection of the winners, but also for the further development of the idea by BFI Wien after the end of the contest.

Therefore, please make sure that the three sections are easily identifiable in your submissions.


The Prices

  • 1st place: Voucher of 3000 € for a training of your choice at BFI Vienna or 1500 € cash
  • 2nd place: Voucher of 2000 € for training of your choice at BFI Vienna or 1000 € cash
  • 3rd place: Voucher of 1000 € for training of your choice at BFI Vienna or 500 € cash
  • Most Valuable Person: 1000 € training of your choice at BFI Vienna or 500 € cash

(MVP: person providing the most ideas and/or the most valuable feedback on other ideas)

Deadline:- 13-09-2017

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