BiBli – the world’s lowest cost A.I. powered social robot

BiBli - the world's lowest cost A.I. powered social robot

Robots for and by the people. A low-cost education robot for the masses. Designed by and for students.

BiBli is a powerful, efficient voice activated social robot on an autonomous chassis. Designed and built in part with the help of K-12 students – BiBli is fun, engaging and educational.

2 inch LCD Screen
Integrated camera with live streaming to web or external monitors
Integrated Dual Sonar Sensors
Arduino-driven Autonomous Nav
Jasper A.I. Speech Recognition Package
Bluetooth Enabled
High Power Wi-Fi Enabled
Easy Online Admin Interface
USB Re-chargeable (cord included)
Media library
Stereo sound

About Artificial Autism

Artificial Autism is a research study designed to build a specific ‘spectrum personality profile’ for individuals and as a group with the goal of better understanding common traits, gifts and limitations amongst a given group of people. Data is anonymous. BiBli collects only usage and environmental feedback.

We hope one day to be able to visualize our personalities including identifying triggers and sensitivities.

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Many of you have already contributed to this research by providing invaluable feedback.

QI Liu is a PhD candidate at CU Boulder and is spearheading this research.

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