Closed/Expired: Big Data Innovation Challenge by World bank

Big Data Innovation Challenge by World bank

The World Bank Group has launched a global call to find big data solutions that address issues pertaining to two critical challenge areas: Food: food security and nutrition and Landscapes: forestry and watersheds. They seek to identify and support the implementation of at least two high-potential solutions and prototypes addressing these critical areas of sustainable development. These issues are high priorities in service of the World Bank Group’s goals of ending extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity and are also identified priorities of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In today’s world of mobile technology, social networks, pervasive satellite and sensor information, and machine-to-machine transactions, more data has been generated in the past two years alone in the form of big data than in all of the previous years combined. Data is becoming the lifeblood of many economies, and data-informed decision-making is more important than ever before.


Winners will be selected and awarded for the following categories:

  • Food Challenge: Food Security or Nutrition – Best big data solution: 10,000 USD
  • Landscapes Challenge: Forestry or Watersheds – Best big data solution: 10,000 USD
  • Honorable mentions (Most innovative big data solution and other recognition awards to be announced)

Deadline:- 09-11-2016

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