Bin your butts innovation challenge

Bin your butts innovation challenge

Invent a “Do It Yourself” ashtray or propose a creative solution to help adult smokers dispose of their cigarette butts when there is no bin around!

Marc is heading to work, smoking a cigarette and then he thinks “I need to find a bin to throw my butt away”. “Oh, wait, there is not bin here… Never mind, I’ll just throw it on the ground, it’s very small!” When Marc is holding his cigarette butt and there is no bin, he panics and doesn’t know what to do with it and unfortunately, just throws it on the ground. He could have gone through many questions before throwing the butt: will this small butt pollute my environment? What is the impact of my small butt on water or the oceans? How much time will it take for this small butt to break up?

Tens of thousands of cigarette butts are littered every second. This waste reduces our ability to enjoy our local environment, but also our quality of life, that’s why we need to combat littering with very simple gestures!

Our client, believes that in order for our world to stay as beautiful as it is, we need to reduce the amount of litter, especially the one created by cigarette butts. That’s why we need your creativity to help adult smokers find a way to get rid of their cigarette butts when they don’t have an ashtray and there is no bin in sight. Can you help them do this?


#1 Prize €1,000

#2 Prize €750

#3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 22-09-2019

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