Closed/Expired: BIRAC Innovation Challenge Award

BIRAC Innovation Challenge

BIRAC-SoCH is an Innovation Challenge Award aimed at propelling the Indian innovators towards combating the challenges of community health sector. SoCH award is highly focused and directed towards achieving a clear bold and audacious goal, pushing the boundaries of human imagination and expertise by focusing on issues currently held to be untraceable or that has no clear solution.

India presently is plagued with concerns of maternal and child health, mental disorders, sanitation, potable water availability, healthcare, nutrition, soil fertility, energy and huge waste generation which in broader sense are classified under community health issues. Community health problems need to be addressed with immediate effect in order to realize the goals set in Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by the UN. It is towards realizing this end that BIRAC has come up with SoCH. ‘SoCH’ in Hindi means ‘thought’; indicating the fact that SoCH is oriented towards motivating the scientific thinkers and innovators to come up with solutions for community health.

SoCH is designed to offer recognition and financial support to technology innovators and entrepreneurs who have been working in the community health sector and/or facilitate a promising technology idea that can be converted into a handy technology addressing the issues of community health in a defined time limit.

Themes for SoCH 2017-18

i. Platform technologies for reducing the burden of Diseases (Communicable and Non-communicable diseases)

ii. Sanitation and Waste Recycling


  • SoCH is an incentivized prize competition aimed at propelling the Indian innovators towards combating the challenges of community health.
  • Proposals are invited for the above two mentioned themes and the potential applicants will then be shortlisted for either Hackathons or an Ideathon (based on the theme).
  • Grant-in-aid of up to INR 15 lakhs will be given to the shortlisted candidates to design a Minimal Viable Prototype (MVP).
  • Grant period is 6 months.
  • Evaluation of MVPs and selection of final winners of the two themes will be awarded with 50 lakhs.

Deadline:- 31-10-2017

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