Blank wall gallery photo competition

photo competition

Blank wall gallery photo competition invites photo entries.Black and White is one of the most beloved kinds of photography, with probably the most fanatic followers worldwide. Such photographs are welcome to be submitted to our contest. All means are accepted.All topics have been depicted in Black and White, presenting an alternative view of reality. More than once has Black and White photography of an ordinary situation, given a new, completely out of the ordinary aspect of reality.

Entry fees:-

You can submit individual photographs or portfolios.

The fee for single images is 7 euro.
The fee for two images is 12 euro.
The fee for three images is 16 euro.
The fee for four images is 19 euro.
The fee for five images is 20 euro.

The payment can be made through PayPal

Award:-20 photographs will be selected for an exhibition that will take place at the “Blank Wall Gallery” space.


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