Closed/Expired: Boeing GoFly $2 Million Prize

Boeing GoFly $2 Million Prize

Remember after you were a baby and needed to fly?

We are progressing to build that dream a reality. we have a tendency to challenge you to create individuals to fly.

The GoFly Prize may be a $2,000,000 challenge to form a private flying device that’s safe, useful, and thrilling.

The goal of the GoFly Prize is to foster the event of safe, quiet, ultra-compact, near-VTOL personal flying devices capable of flying twenty miles whereas carrying one person.

We are looking for an “everyone” personal flying device, capable of being flown by ANYONE, ANYWHERE. It ought to be a tool for ALL: young and previous, city-dweller and country-dweller, knowledgeable and novice.

Now is the time. Recent advances in propulsion, energy, light-weight materials, and management and stability systems have combined to provide an instant of possible innovation. What will be accomplished these days couldn’t are earned even some years ago. Technological and scientific advances have resulted in an exceedingly time once our most audacious dream—the dream of pure human flight—is currently possible.

GoFly is regarding flying individuals, not flying taxis. these days we glance to the sky and say “that plane is flying.” we have a tendency to challenge you to form a tool wherever we glance to the sky and say, “that person is flying.” The device is for one person, however what it’s like or however it works is up to you. we have a tendency to welcome revolutionary style, and whereas all devices should be ready to fly an individual, you’ve got the choice to use a mannequin to simulate the user and might operate the device as a remotely piloted or autonomous UAV. The device ought to perform safely in each packed cities and rural areas; it ought to be light-weight and manoeuvrable enough so anyone will move it around, and it ought to belt up not just for the user, however additionally for the overall public. we have a tendency to area unit propulsion agnostic, however like all nice inventions, the device ought to be user-friendly–almost AN extension of the user’s body, and supply the joys of flight.

The GoFly Prize is meant to capture our imagination. Indeed, throughout human history, maybe no dream has been a lot of shared than that of soaring within the skies. it’s been pursued by the best minds from each corner of the globe. It captivated the thoughts of Leonardo da Vinci architect, culminating in his heavier-than-air craft. It consumed the thoughts of Wendell Moore and his Bell Labs team, leading to the primary “jet pack.” It charmed a complete generation of youngsters as they followed the chronicles of Superman.

Our goal is that the same as district attorney Vinci’s and kids of marvel throughout the ages: build individuals fly – safely and effortlessly.

Ready… set… GoFly.

Awards:-$2 Million

Deadline:- 04-03-2018

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