Closed/Expired: Bold packaging for a big Doritos buzz challenge

Bold packaging for a big Doritos buzz challenge

Who has not heard of Doritos? Doritos are more than just a seasoned tortilla chip. It is a brand that does things that no other brand can do. The brand’s bold personality, combined with its intense bold flavors, tooth-rattling crunch, and unique, edgy, triangular shape make it an icon among the younger generation.

Doritos is the spark that ignites you to release your Inner Bold. They are made for people who seek out bold experiences – we call them “Hyperlifers”, meaning individuals who have a youthful lean-in mindset. They seek fun, self-expression and stimulation and are defined by technology, globalization and optimism. These people, from 16 to 24 years old, are torn between standing out and fitting in. They want to maintain individuality, but do not want to break the rules. They are Doritos lovers who always seek to try new things and they are ready for adventures – however they define them.

There are numbers of occasions where Doritos is their best ally:

  • Amplify Life: Whether hanging out inside or outside the home, gaming, watching TV alone or with friends, or having a mini party, Hyperlifers are seeking snacks and experiences that enhance the moment and dial up the fun.
  • Seamless Snacking: Snacking during work or study facilitates “grazing”, and opens up an opportunity for bite-sized, clean formats and packaging that allows one-handed eating.
  • Satiation (Belly Fill): Consumers seek Doritos snacks that fill them up during late nights or in the lunch zone, or tide them over as a pre-dinner appetizer or on-the-go filler.

Despite being full of optimism, they do navigate the following tensions:

  • Managing the transition between teenager and adulthood
  • Balancing the new-found freedom from college or moving into adulthood with the need to stay connected to friends and family
  • Staying connected to what is going on (“in the know”) and focusing on experiences
  • Balancing health and wellness while not feeling guilty about doing what they enjoy
  • Always being on the go, and as such seeking products, services, and experiences that conveniently and seamlessly fit their lifestyles

Hyperlifers are active and seek self-expression. They are young and hungry. For this reason, Doritos is the perfect snack for them.

Doritos wants to help them seize life even more and express themselves in a bold way with a new, iconic, and buzz-worthy packaging. Can you help break the mold?

Creative Challenge

Create a new and totally newsworthy limited-edition packaging concept for Doritos.


  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Deadline:- 04-01-2018

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