Closed/Expired: The Book Illustration Competition 2018

The competition is a partnership between House of Illustration and the Folio Society.

The book to be illustrated for The Book Illustration Competition 2018 is The Selected Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. You will need to read and provide one illustration for each of the following stories for your entry.

A Scandal in Bohemia
The Man with the Twisted Lip
The Musgrave Ritual

You can download a PDF of these three stories here.

The winner of The Book Illustration Competition 2018 will be asked to provide a total of nine illustrations for the final book, as well as a binding design, and must agree to complete the commission within The Folio Society’s deadline.

Awards:- The winner receives a highly sought-after commission, worth £5,000, to complete a total of nine illustrations and a binding design for the book, which is then published by The Folio Society.
Five runners each receive £500 cash.

Deadline:- 17-01-2018

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